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FAQ in Dallas, TX

Do you offer delivery and how much is it?

Yes, we do offer delivery.
  • The rate for gravel or some chopped stone delivery starts at $75.00 and goes up from there depending on distance from the store.
  • We also offer a flat bed with forklift for all other products that starts at $175.00 and goes up depending on distance from our store.
  • We can also deliver sands and gravels in large super sacks. This requires a $35.00 deposit for the bag. There will be a $25.00 credit return for bringing the bag back to us.

Do you place big boulders on the property?

We offer placement of boulders or other products that require a forklift to move at a rate of $75.00 an hour. This placement will only be made possible if the area has access to a 9.5 ft wide forklift. We require that a waiver is signed by the owner that allows us to go on property and not be responsible for damages while driving the forklift on property.

Do you offer estimates on jobs?

Yes, we do offer estimates for big or small jobs. We will give you a written estimate for your project. We are also available for on site rock identification.

Do you offer discounts for large projects?

Yes, we do offer some discounts for large jobs. Just give us a call or come in and we can give you an estimate.

Do you offer contractor discounts or credit?

Yes, we offer those services. All you have to do is come in or we can also email you copies of all the paper work needed. We will then determine your status and offer you terms.

Do you sell small quantities of stone or gravel?

Yes, we sell small amounts of stone and gravel. We will weigh out your stone and give you a price by the pound for small amounts. We do have a 25% increase in price only if the stone is culled through.
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